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Pierce H. Purcell

The Pensioner 

A Novel 

Larry Porter, pensioner and part-time lecturer at a Dublin university, is on his way into the local bank, to negotiate a car loan, just as the bank is being robbed by Sandor Popp’s gang. Years earlier Larry had given German grinds to the talented young Hungarian, now a billionaire drugs baron.
Along with the other terrified bank customers, Larry is taken hostage by the criminals, and imprisoned in an underground bunker. He is convinced that they will all suffer a hideous death at the hands of the gang’s psychopathic second-in-command. Much to his own surprise, Larry’s self-preservation instinct clicks in and transforms the harmless old pensioner into a very violent survivor, intent on bringing his former brilliant pupil to justice …

256 Seiten, DIN A5 • Paperback
EUR 14,90 • ISBN 978-3-940281-63-0
Auch als E-Book erhältlich:
256 Seiten • EUR 10,99
ISBN 978-3-940281-69-2

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