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Means, Jesse

Jesse Means was born as the fifth child of eight in the southern state of Alabama in Montgomery. Nearly one year of age, Jesse lost his father to tragedy, leaving the mother to raise the family alone. Although money was always short, he graduated from High School in Lowndes County until the 11th Grade and moved to Birmingham. For a short while, he attended Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, Alabama. Jesse studied electronics at Gilmore-Bell Vocational School in Bessemer, Alabama. Although he was a grade A student in Electronics, he decided to persue dance and loved a variety of different styles of music. He had been singing since the age of 7 and later in life became a member in the church choir. Also, he was a Public Speaker in the 4-H Club, in Lowndes County in Hayneville, Alabama for the Lowndes County Extension Services. For a number of years, he won numerous awards competing in Public Speaking contests, throughout the state. When he attended Alabama A&M University, he majored in Sociology and English Literature, where he learned about creative writing and poetry, which later allowed him to compose lyrics. Years later, he worked a lot of odd jobs to support his music, poetry and songwriting. He also worked in the aviation field as an operations specialist at Birmingham Shuttlesworth Airport, in Birmingham, Alabama for 12 years. Later, he moved to Germany to persue new career opportunities. Jesse always had a love for poetry and through the years, he has written about 500 songs and 300 Poems to date.Jesse has recorded several sons and performed regularly at local hot  spots and clubs with his own material and some cover-songs. Jesse also toured in Bulgaria for a month ans also in Cologne at Tanzbrunnen, and in the city of Erfurt. Jesse currently works and lives in Germany and continues to write on a daily basis.


My eyes are never closed



"What's meant to be,

is written among the stars,

in the heavens,

above the clouds air whiffed"

76 Seiten • Taschenbuch (Paperback) • EUR 8,00

ISBN 978-3-8280-3452-5

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76 Seiten • E-Book • EUR 5,99

ISBN 978-3-8280-3453-2

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